The benefits of an in home newborn session

As I talk with new clients frequently about the extra services I provide as an in home newborn photographer, I thought it would be helpful to share some thoughts here as well for others who are looking into what would work best for their family when welcoming a new baby (or 2, or more!).  Of course, this is not to say there are not benefits for a studio session, it's very much a personal choice for every family, and the most important thing is that you have decided to capture these fleeting newborn moments.

1) Convenience!
Right after the birth of a baby, it can be a lot of work and honestly just overwhelming trying to get everyone ready and out the door...never mind packing up all that baby gear!  Instead, with an in home session you can wake up, get yourself ready at your own pace while I work on capturing the baby alone or with siblings.  Speaking of siblings, it's nice to have them in their own environment too, playing with their own toys, watching a movie, enjoying their favorite snack, all the while I'm photographing around their schedule and comfort level.

In home newborn session relax.jpg
In home newborn session movie sibling-1.jpg


2) Variety of Images
I literally fill my van to the brim to become a traveling studio!  It adds hours to prep, pack, and unpack but it's worth it!  Depending on each clients vision I spend the appropriate amount of time doing in home posed studio work.  When baby gets hungry or needs changed, we break from the posed shots and I work on capturing the in between lifestyle moments.   These are the moments that can be lost in the blur of a bringing a new baby home, but are full of beautiful and natural connection - mom nursing/feeding baby, dad changing diapers, snuggles on the couch, rocking baby, a sibling/furbaby observing this new tiny person in their home, the list goes on and on.  What makes these memories even sweeter is that they are set against the background of your home, where baby was brought first after birth.  

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In home newborn session family portland oregon-1.jpg
In home newborn session posed baby portland oregon-1.jpg
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In home newborn session family posed best portland oregon-1.jpg

3) Wardrobe options and accidents
Being in your own home allows you the option to change clothes as you wish.  Perhaps you'd like something super casual but also a images that are more formal.  Or maybe you have a special outfit that you'd like all the children to wear for Grandma.  Enter clothes change :)  It's also nice to have the option just in case the baby spits up, big brother spills juice, or a nude pose gets messy.  We have the time and ability to accommodate all of these circumstances during an in home newborn session.

4) Complimentary Wall Gallery Design
By the time I arrive for your newborn session, we've had the opportunity to discuss what you'd like to do with your images.  These memories are such a gift to have and it's sad to think they could be hidden away on a computer hard drive never to be seen again (or pop up every couple of years as a "on this day" reminder).  There are many ways to display and enjoy your portraits.  Some families prefer an album to snuggle up with their children and look through, being able to relive the whole story within it's pages.  While not necessarily a benefit to an in home session, I do provide album design as a complimentary service as well :) Other families enjoy their images as wall art to view each day as they move around their home.  Both are wonderful options!!  If you are interested in wall art, during your session we can discuss different areas of interest, I'll take some pictures of the potential walls, and then create custom wall gallery options with your images.  This way you'll know the exact sizes and image combinations that work best for your home and style.

newborn gallery wall-1.jpg
crib wall-1.jpg

Please contact for more information on in home newborn sessions in Portland Oregon and surrounding areas!