Baby L | Fresh 48 | Portland Oregon

Late last year I was contacted by a sweet mom getting ready to celebrate the arrival of her second son.  She was referred by a past client and it was no surprise we clicked right away.  After spending about 45 minutes on the phone planning her Fresh 48 and newborn sessions, I just couldn't wait to hear from her that Baby L had arrived!  There is nothing like a mom's intuition, and sure enough, just as she thought, he arrived early and just days before Christmas.  Babies grow and change so quickly that I love being asked to document their newness at the hospital.  Here are just a few of my favorite images from that day!

In Hospital Fresh 48 newborn session in Portland Oregon

In Hospital Fresh 48 newborn session in Portland Oregon

Once Upon a Time in the World - May Blog Circle this is kind of weird, writing my first blog post and all.  I actually had it all written out once and lost it, so frustrating.  So now I'm writing a condensed version of my first blog post.  The story begins several years ago when I started my photography journey.  I was lucky enough to make some great friends who share the same passion.  Many of them are the very creative types, as opposed to my left brained nature, so it's been a pleasure learning and working with them over the years.  This blog circle was started by one of them.  Each month, beginning in January, we document the same time all over the world, and share them - with each other and our blog readers.  I've been participating all year, but since this is my first blog post, it's my first time to share outside of our group.  Perhaps, I'll do a catch up post soon, so you can see the other photos from previous months.

For now, here is May at 4:15pm.  I call this the evening, but I guess it could be considered the afternoon for those without a litter of small children, lol.  My favorite is a freelensed photo of my oldest reading one of her favorite books outside.  I was so thrilled to stumble upon this moment, because it really tells the story of her maturing self.  No longer consumed by the kiddie pool and squirt guns like the younger kids.  Just wanting a moment to relax, and well, I can completely relate.  We also had a visit in our neighborhood by a fire truck, and we found a whole colony (is that the right word?!) of ladybugs without spots! 

And here finally, here is our group collage for the month

Thanks for checking out my images, please click to see some of Dawn's from Bean Pod Photography beautiful work and what was going on at 4:15 where she is.